What you can and can't do with screenshots.


Our community is committed to fostering a secure, respectful, and trusted environment. This screenshot policy is designed to preserve the integrity and privacy of interactions within our platform, Submit, and its associated services, such as Discord. Carefully review and adhere to the following guidelines:

Sharing Screenshots of Public Content

  • Users are authorized to share screenshots of publicly accessible content within the realms of Submit and its correlated Discord channels, ensuring such sharing aligns with the overarching ethos of our community guidelines.

Sharing Screenshots of Private Content

  • Sharing screenshots of private or exclusive content is ordinarily prohibited to safeguard user confidentiality and the integrity of private interactions within Submit and its associated services.
  • Exception for Safety Purposes:
    • Screenshots of private content may be shared if they are essential for safety reasons, ensuring that all identifying details are meticulously redacted.
    • Such screenshots can be shared within the confines of the platform or in direct messages (DMs) on Discord, provided they are void of any identifying information.

Off-Platform Sharing of Screenshots

  • Distributing any screenshots taken from Submit’s platform or associated services to external platforms, regardless of whether the content is public or private, constitutes a grave violation of our community guidelines and user trust.

Penalties and Enforcement

  • Public Content Sharing on Submit and Discord: Appropriate actions, ranging from warnings to temporary bans, will be applied for the misuse or malicious sharing of public content within Submit and its associated Discord channels.
  • Private Content Sharing: Violations involving the unauthorized sharing of private or restricted content will face stringent penalties, which will include suspensions or permanent bans.
  • Off-Platform Sharing: Any instances of sharing screenshots from Submit or its associated services (Discord) to external platforms will result in an immediate permanent ban, with no possibility of appeal or reinstatement.

Reporting and Review

Users are encouraged to report violations of this policy using our established reporting processes. Every report will be meticulously reviewed, and consequential actions will be determined based on the severity and intention behind each violation.

Let’s collectively uphold a community where each member feels secure and valued, ensuring that interactions across our platforms are conducted with respect, integrity, and adherence to our shared guidelines and policies.