Ban Circumvention

Guidelines, policies and legal documentation.

Ban Circumvention

Ensuring the integrity, safety, and respect within our community is of utmost importance. Evasion of imposed penalties undermines our community guidelines and the enforcement of these rules. Such actions are taken very seriously, and stringent measures will be applied to maintain the order and decorum of the platform.

Usage of Others’ Accounts

  • Utilizing someone else’s account to evade penalties such as bans or restrictions is a severe violation of our guidelines. Both parties, the one who owns the account and the one who uses it for circumvention purposes, will be permanently banned without any possibility of appeal or reinstatement.

Creating Alternative Accounts

  • Creating and using alternative accounts to bypass penalties is strictly prohibited. Any such discovered accounts will be permanently banned immediately upon identification, ensuring the effective upholding of community rules and standards.

Aiding in Ban Circumvention

  • Assisting, enabling, or encouraging others to circumvent bans is a breach of our community’s trust and guidelines. Any user found aiding in ban circumvention will be permanently banned to preserve the community’s integrity and security.

Off-Platform Circumvention Activities

  • Any activities conducted outside our platform with the intention to bypass restrictions, or assisting others in such bypasses, will result in a permanent ban. This strict measure ensures the comprehensive enforcement of our community guidelines across platforms.
  • What is an example of off-platform circumvention?
    • Sharing information, user content, or screenshots with an individual that would otherwise not be able to access this information due to restrictions on their account or because they’ve been banned.

By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to foster a community where every member can interact in a safe, respectful, and meaningful manner. Actions aimed at undermining these objectives will be met with decisive enforcement actions to preserve the dignity and integrity of our community. Together, let us make our platform a welcoming and enriching space for all members.