Launch Update 3

Update: Sep 7th, 2023 We’ve fixed the issue we’ve had with invites and our email provider and have resumed sending invites. If you’re on the waitlist you can expect to receive an invite sometime in the next 72 hours. With that resolved, we are returning to rolling out major social features. Thank you for your patience!

We had set out to have the waitlist and major features available by September 4th, it’s now September 5th and we’re not quite there yet. We are currently about 48 hours behind schedule. This is primarily the result of issues we’ve had with our primary email provider and their services, resulting in us having to spend more time fixing and working on these issues instead of finishing up major feature roll outs.

This delay means that if you’re currently on the waitlist, you can expect to receive an invite in the next 48 hours, we’ve still got about 100,000 invites to send, and we are sending them, albeit considerably slower than we expected. It also means that certain features are still in the midst of rolling out on the platform, so when you do complete your invite, you may find that some things expected to work are just finishing up their roll out. We expect these issues to be resolved in the next 48 hours and have the major social functionality that you’d expect enabled, as well as the waitlist shutdown and all invites completed.

We’ll continue to provide updates both here on our blog as well as on our Discord. While we continue to process invites slowly, the waitlist will remain open so that you can still reserve your username.

On behalf of our whole team, who’ve been working tirelessly to get things ready, we’d like to thank all of you for your support, patience, and excitement - we are almost at the first milestone of many to come, the future is going to be exciting!