Backer Sale!

One of the things that we’ve learned while building and running Submit for the last two years, is the extreme double standard that the world treats the adult industry with. Time and time again, whether it’s bankers, infrastructure providers, and even printers, we’ve received second-class treatment or worse, simply because we chose to build something that some people might not understand or want to use. This week was no exception, one of our infrastructure vendors forced us to pay for a year’s worth of service, up-front, citing the risk that a platform like ours carries.

Thankfully, as a company, we’re in a position where we can afford to do this and still continue to operate for years.

That being said, taking financial hits like this still impact our runway, and we’re hoping that we generate some revenue to help offset that big expenditure. In order to do that, even though we said we wouldn’t do it again this year, we’re going to run a blow-out Backer sale between now and the end of the month, with the goal of getting the equivalent of 200 lifetime backers.

If you want to learn more about backers, check out our last blog post and our backer details page.

Before I say anything else: Submit is free to use for everyone, backing is never expected or required.

Sale Details

With our goal being the equivalent of 200 lifetime backers, we’ve reduced the lifetime backer pricing.

For the weekend of August 25th, to celebrate getting ready to shut down the waitlist and send all remaining invites out on Sept 4th, we’re going to be truly running a blow-out sale, with a $100 discount on lifetime, making it $140!

For the other options that we have, excluding $6/mo, we’re going to be giving you 1.5 times the monthly term:

  • 3 Months -> 4.5 Months: $18 USD
  • 6 Months -> 9 Months: $36 USD
  • 9 Months -> 13.5 Months: $54 USD
  • 1 Year -> 1.5 Years: $72 USD

Venmo/CashApp Pricing

Our primary method of accepting payment is Patreon, but if you are in the US, we do accept Venmo/Cashapp, and we provide a small discount for these services as they take a smaller cut:

  • Lifetime: $130 USD
  • 3 Months: $15 USD
  • 6 Months: $32 USD
  • 9 Months: $48 USD
  • 1 Year: $64 USD

If you do choose to back via Venmo (@submitgg) or Cashapp ($submitgg), please put your waitlist email address in the comment, and if you’re on our Discord server, include your Discord username.

What do I get?

In addition to our most sincere and heartfelt thanks, and the features and functionality that we list on our backer details page, anyone particpiating in this sale will earn a unique achievement and badge that they can display on their profile. These achievements and badges are limited to this sale only, once its over, you’ll never be able to earn them again.

If you aren’t on Submit yet, backing also gets you access immediately!

Can I gift it?

You can! When you choose to back Submit financially, you’ll receive a backer code, you can choose to use this code yourself, or give it as a gift. Each code is one-time-use, doesn’t expire, and is good for whatever term of time that you choose to back for (you cannot gift $6 month-to-month backer codes).

Giving Back

We give 3% of all revenue to Charity, you can learn more on our backer details page. I’ve doubled my personal pledged to match our Revenue, now up to $100k for 2023. Given that pledge, every single dollar we generate during this sale will result in the equivalent donation from me, personally, to an incredible charity, Point of Pride, which helps the trans community get access to life-changing healthcare.