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Over the last few years, the social platforms and tools designed for the BDSM, Fetish, & Kinky community have started to let us down.

We're kinksters (and nerds) who have grown frustrated with today's social options and realized we could do better. We're building a new social platform, together with the community, one that is safer, inclusive, privacy-first, engaging, and genuinely innovative.

Welcome to Submit, the future of BDSM, Fetish, & Kinky community.

We hope you'll join us and help build our kinky future, together.

Be Your Authentic Self

Your profile should reflect your authentic self, because no two people are exactly alike. We want you to feel confident and proud to showcase the traits and interests that make you special. Use your profile to highlight the things that matter most to you and leave out anything that doesn't accurately represent who you are.

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Batteries Included

We're bringing all the social networking features you're used to, plus new ones that we think you'll love. We've made sure to improve on the features you already know and expect, and we're excited for you to try out the new ones we've added.


Enhance your content and deepen engagement with integrations. Embed podcasts, videos, and more directly into your content for a more immersive experience for your followers.


As a BDSM, fetish, or kink organization, you can use our platform to create a page, list events, and share your activities with the community.


Learn, explore and expand your kinky journey with our educational tools. Whether you're wanting to learn the fundamentals of consent, develop specific kinky skills, or wanting to put together a comprehensive class on rope play - our tools are here to support you.


Connect with like-minded individuals by creating or joining groups centered around your interests, desires, and curiosities. Engage in rich discussions and explore new topics together.


Create and promote your next kinky event with ease! Our event management tools allow you to track attendees and generate digital tickets, making it simple to keep track of who's coming and ensure a smooth event experience.

Take Control of Your Personal Data

We believe that your sexual expression and journey is a deeply personal and intimate part of who you are. We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure when sharing these experiences, which is why we've designed Personal Data Vaults to give you complete ownership and control over the data you choose to share with us.

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Consent Grants

When you use Submit, you can feel confident that your data is secure and under your control. Every action you take is accompanied by a consent grant, which is a digital record of your permission for a Submit service or another Submit user to access specific parts of your data. This way, you can choose exactly how, what, and with whom you share your data.


Take charge of your data with our Custodian tools. You have the flexibility to export any portion or all of your data with ease, and you can even upload data that conforms to our PDV specification. This includes data that you have previously exported from our platform. Don't let your data be locked down - use our tools to access and manage it as you see fit.

Privacy & Safety

We believe that having complete control over your data is crucial for maintaining a secure and private online experience. But that's not all - we've also implemented a range of additional features to enhance your safety and privacy...


We take swift action on all reports, keeping you informed with updates and sharing the final outcome of the actions taken.

Sharing Circles

Easily control what you share with your circles. Create groups of friends, followers, and others, and decide what you want to share with each group.

Community Guidelines

We strictly enforce our community-developed guidelines and policies to ensure inclusivity, safety, and equity for all.

Content Moderation

The latest technology and human review help keep our platform free of hate, abuse, and prohibited content, ensuring a safe and respectful environment.


We have designed every feature with your privacy in mind. We promise to never sell or share your data and you can permanently delete it at any time.

  • We need your feedback and input on features, processes, and guidelines!
  • Help us translate Submit into different languages so that users from all over the globe can participate.
  • Find a bug, glitch or something that doesn't look right? Let us know by using the bug-report tools!

Community Council

The Community Council is a group of democratically elected community members with the power to shape the development and enforcement of our guidelines. It ensures that our policy and its enforcement are not controlled by a single person or group and that the community as a whole has a say.

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Become a Backer

Become a Submit Backer to enjoy awesome benefits and directly support our platform and its continued development. We also give back 2% of all Backer revenue to charity. You can currently support us via Patreon and we are adding additional methods soon!

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What's Next

Submit is an active and rapidly evolving project, we're currently in Phase 1.

  1. Phase 1

    Core Development. Focuses on developing the primary social networking & engagement features along with the platform technology.

  2. Phase 2

    Mobile development. Development and release of native mobile applications on major app store platforms (Apple & Google).

  3. Phase 3

    Innovation. New feature development based on community feedback, new community initiatives, and much more!

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